Technology park Brno

It has taken more than two years, but we have finally completed for the City of Brno the acquisition of 50% shares in Technology Park Brno from P&O, globally active real estate and logistic conglomerate. The opportunity, first pursued by South Moravian Region and supported by South Moravian Innovation Centre, has been taken over by the City of Brno. By acquiring the shares, Brno owns now together with the Technical university in Brno the best functioning technology park in the Czech republic dubbed “Silicon hill”.

The transaction required during its various phases involvement of almost all of our colleagues, but the final and most demanding part has been done by Nikola Chalupska and Pavla Stojaspalova. Big thanks also to our colleagues from Clifford Chance and KroupaHelan for very professional cooperation on one of the most important transactions in Brno in the past years.